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female fronted metal


This is a community where we can share full albums or songs by female fronted metal bands.

Here are some ground rules.
Please read these before you post!

01. This is a members only community.

02. Be sure to make each one of your posts "friends only".

03. Tag your entries with band name only. Also please make sure you spell the band names correctly.

04. Subject lines should contain artist name & album title.

05. You may make requests! Tag these with !request, so people can find request posts to upload for you, and please remember to check the tags first.

06. Some non-female fronted metal or female fronted other genres is allowed. Tag this using the appropriate tags as displayed in the tags column.

07. Members who are repeatedly disruptive to the community or who disobey the rules will be removed.

08. Please comment if you take - this is courteous, and means people won't feel their uploads are in vain. Please do not leech.

09. Non mp3 formats are not strictly forbidden, but please clearly mark any upload that is in an alternate format.

10. If you upload an album that doesn't fit with the community, please include another album that does on a 1:1 ratio.

11. Enjoy the music. :)

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Please don't forget: the RIAA allows 24 hours for downloaded music for previewing purposes, after which it must be deleted. The mods take no resposibility for the actions of those in this community. (NB: this is different in other countries outside of the USA, please check your own downloading laws)